1- Bunionectomy (and First Metatarsal Osteotomy)

A bunion is a bony bump, resulting from a misaligned joint, on the side of the big toe. A bunion is typically painful and may be unsightly. Bunions are primarily inherited, meaning they run in families, but may be irritated or made worse by pressure from shoes. A bunionectomy is a procedure that removes the bunion and realigns the joint to relieve foot pain. There are several techniques used to repair a bunion and this animation describes some of the more common techniques used today. Your physician can discuss details of your particular needs with you.

Questions For Your Doctor
1. What guidelines should I follow prior to my procedure? Will I need other tests or evaluations before the procedure?
2. Which type of repair will you perform and why is it the appropriate procedure for my condition?
3. What will happen if I don’t undergo the procedure now?
4. How long will the procedure last and will I be under anesthesia?
5. Will I have dressings, bandages, or stitches after surgery? When should they be removed?
6. How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery? Are there special instructions for eating, sleeping, or bathing?
7. When can I return to work, resume normal activity, drive, and exercise?
8. Will I need crutches or walking assistance after the procedure, and for how long?
9. Will I need to come back for appointments after the surgery?
10. Will I have scars? Are the results permanent?